What some of our customers are saying about

CrêpemanChef Richard

"The crêpes were awesome - just a challenge and compliment for you, we are in St. Tropez France right now and have had crêpes right from the source - you are giving them stiff competition!

(two days later) Just got back from Europe on an amazing honeymoon - just so you know,
everyone is raving about the cr
êpes! You've got a good thing going there, so keep it up!"
– Chris and Rae Ferraro

"Your enthusiasm and wonderful personality is great!! You are a terrific person to have found."
– Barbro Greene, Travel Consultant

"Richard is amazing, and the only thing greater, are his crêpes. So often you want to get people together, but it can seem overwhelming, not so with Richard on your side. My friends and I so enjoyed our champagne and crêpe morning to toast our dear friend's 40th. Having Richard there making crêpes
on-site makes the party! I cannot recommend Richard highly enough.
– Erin Przybylinski

"I used Chef Richard for a Crêpe and Champagne party during the Holidays this past year. It was very well received and most of my guests went out to my preparation pavilion to watch 'the show' and they loved not only his crêpes but the preparation.

Richard was easy and accommodating to work with and his 'set-up' was well done. This is a novel idea and I would recommend it to everyone. I'm French and having had my fair share of crêpes in Paris I've found none better. He prepares them in the true, French manner."
– Katherine Armagnac

"The Crêpes were the most delicious thing we have ever eaten!"
– Chryssa Stratakos